Friday, 2 May 2014

Public Service Committee Proposes 65 Years Retirement Age for Nigerian Civil Servants.

The Committee on Public Service has recommended an increase in retirement age of civil servants to 65 years.

In the alternative, the committee also recommended that civil servants be allowed to do 40 active years in service.

The norm in the service entitles public servants to attain 60 years retirement age or 35 years in service.

The committee's Chairman, Ebele Okeke, who disclosed this in an interview on Wednesday in Abuja noted that it was also proposed that the labour laws should remain on the exclusive list in the constitution.

"We also recommended that the labour laws should remain on exclusive list in the constitution. From what we have understood, the laws protect those who have no voice. They protect the majority who are Nigerian workers because the states would like to pay them peanut.

Okeke said her committee also made case for people living with disability in the service.

"We have suggested that they should be given consideration when there are vacancies. We have suggested a certain percentage for them. We also recommended that the working environment should be made friendly to them", she added. 

(Daily Independent - Source)

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