Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Inflation has dropped to its lowest level in over 5 years. Did you know that?

The transformation in agriculture has drastically reduced corruption in the sector and saved billions of naira in fertiliser subsidies while ensuring that most farmers now receive their seed and fertiliser inputs through an e-wallet scheme. Given the additional 8 million metric tonnes of food produced in the country, inflation has dropped to its lowest level in over 5 years.

In the Health sector, the government is building strong safety nets and improving access to primary health care under the Save One Million Lives initiative. In order to improve the chances of inclusive growth, the government has drastically increased funding to the education sector and increased access with the establishment of 125 Almajiri schools in the North.

Following the successful completion of the privatisation of the generation and distribution of power, government shall boost investments in transmission to ensure power generated is properly distributed. 

In fact, an additional $1.5 billion is already secured for the upgrade of the transmission network.
Government has also created the Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company to ease several financing constraints in the housing sector. Similarly, the Government is on the verge of establishing a new Development Bank to assist with medium- to long-term loans for businesses. There are also visible and verifiable gains from actions to restore peace and stability in affected parts of the country. 

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