Wednesday, 4 January 2017

BPSR Recognises Twitter Followers in its 2016 Social Media Review. cc @DrJoeAbah

BPSR's Twitter account has grown exponentially in 2016. Our twitter account witnessed a rise in the number of followers. It also experienced a massive increase in interaction with our Director General, Dr Joe Abah who spent a considerate portion of his time to provide answers to questions from BPSR's dedicated followers.

The DG, Dr Abah in return was acknowledged as a Social Media Global Influence with a verification  BLUE TICK of his personal account. It was a reward for his hard work on the social media platform, taking the time to answer questions and explain the complexities of reforms and its impact on Nigerians.

2016 turned out to be a successful year for BPSR with awards to the DG, staff and the agency. As the only agency with an official blog, the evidence is there to call upon judging by the countless positive remarks posted by Nigerians on its twitter account.

Dr Joe Abah who has been known to lead from the front says it as it is. His bold, transparent and sincere approach by a senior and visible public officer of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has made him a credible voice to be heard and listened to (read tweets below).

BPSR wishes to extend its utmost gratitude to members of the public, especially BPSR followers who have contributed in so many ways to the success of BPSR as an agency in 2016. Without your questions, your probes, your jokes and comments from,  BPSR of Nigeria (@bpsr_ng) twitter account would not have been a success The Director General, Dr Joe Abah wishes to extend his personal gratitude to you all.

There have been some of our followers who have contributed more than others, in terms of their engagement with BPSR twitter handle. They do not hesitate to retweet, to assist in publicising our events, they have asked questions which enabled the DG to provide answers which has shed more light on several areas of concern. Many have shared jokes, and as you may have come to know, the DG, Dr Abah has shown he is a Nigerian with a rich sense of humour.

Whilst, we are unable to mention every one of our followers who may have partaken in our success,  we have selected a handful for recognition, not in any order of priority. They are as followers;

1. Pa Johnson (@MrPa_Johnson)
2. JAJA™ (@JajaPhD)
3. Waziri Adio (@Waziriadio)
4. EiE Nigeria (@EiENigeria)
5. tyro (@DoubleEph)
6. Kent Merriman (@kentmerriman)
7. Poju (@pojugreat)
8. #BBOG#NaijaCitizen# (@harsiwarju)
9. BudgIT Nigeria (@BudgITng)
10. NEITI Nigeria (@nigeriaeiti)
11. r2kNigeria (@r2knigeria)
12. NOnoh (@NCOnoh)

On behalf of Dr Joe Abah, our esteem Director General, we wish you a joyous and fulfilling 2017 and look forward to your engagement with us on BPSR twitter. In his typical frank tweet (see below), Dr Abah continues to say it as it is.


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