Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Nigeria’s Security Sector Needs Reform says Interior Minister, retired General Abdurahman Dambazzau.

Minister of interior, retired General Abdurahman Dambazzau  
The newly appointed minister of interior, retired General Abdurahman Dambazzau  has said that the nation’s security sector needs urgent reform, especially in the area of security sector governance, since it is presently not meeting  the basic needs of communities and individuals.

Dambazzau stated this when he was received by Service Chiefs under the ministry,  permanent Secretary, Directorsand other staff of the interior ministry in Abuja.
The minister who emphasised on the need for radical improved professionalism  in the chain of command and other personnel as well as accountability for human rights violation to prevent more abuses while restoring trust to Nigerians  said, ‘the Prisons , for example, are highly congested with persons awaiting trials, while those who are already convicted  are not being  properly handled either to rehabilitate them or deter others to reduce recidivism rate.’
General Dambazzau (rtd) who lamented bitterly that the Prisons Service as an institution lacks the posture necessary to carry out its functions due to neglect of infrastructures, facilities and the general welfare of wardens also regretted that the  Nigeria Police are equally facing similar challenges  that requires radical reform which will aid them in handling public expectations in line with sections 214- 216 0f the Constitution.

He said, ‘ we are all aware that the main policy thrust of this government are security, economy and employment and the ministry of interior has tremendous role to play in realising these objectives. Internal  peace and security for any sovereign state is fundamental ingredient for progress and development.’
‘The ministry of Interior which is now under my watch is about the foremost instrument of administration through  which  policies are generated  and strategies  developed to provide for internal peace and stability, and these are achieved through its agencies and services which is often tied down by absence of improved technology infrastructure, human capital development and logistics. He stated.’

He said, ‘ I am aware from a beneficiary point of view , as I travel  and circulate within and outside Nigeria that efforts have been made by several administrations to address the human capacity, welfare, logistics and technology gaps, yet much more is desired, if effective and efficientworld-class service delivery from the various agencies is to be granted.’
This is why in the light of these observations I have decided that the ministry will need to be  treated  to a wholesome reform. We have to move from a ‘ministry of just doing normal old things’ to a ‘ministry delivering on quality new services’, matching all global standards and best practices. Indeed, I intend to move with speed, yet with informed circumspection in conducting indispensable and essential Security  Sector Reform (SSR) on the ministry  and its Parastatals’ he noted.
According to him, ‘our ministry must be primed to the highest level of capacity to effectively lead or contribute , as the case may be, on a single multi-agency platform in the current counter- terrorism/ counter- insurgency  efforts in the northeast and even in addressing sectarian or resource instigated, human, drug and illicit arms trafficking and militia threats we face’.
Source - Leadership

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