Monday, 2 November 2015

Key Challenges and REFORMS in the Security and Safety Sector.

Problem: Over the years, Nigeria has witnessed various insecurity problems, from armed robbery to kidnapping, militancy, terrorism and insurgency. There have also been communal, ethnic and religious conflicts.

Reform Actions:
Declaration of State of Emergency in troubled states
Consultation and dialogue as a means to contain insurgency
- Awareness raising around economic implications of terrorism
- Amnesty to Niger Delta Militants
- Presidential Committee on Dialogue and Peaceful Resolution of Security Challenges in the North
- Establishment of the 7th Infantry Division of the Nigerian Army in August 201
- Training of security personnel, equipping with modern logistics and operational facilities and enhancement of their welfare.

Main Achievements: The reforms led to the containment of restiveness in the Niger Delta. Initially, the reforms checkmated the spread of terrorist threats, but unfortunately, the threats are increasing by the day. There has, however, been a focus on institutional reform; an updating of equipment, logistics and communications; training and capacity building; new research innovation and development; improvement in operations with a reduced emergency response time and there has been an improvement in personnel welfare with new barracks.

New training curriculum has been developed including an introduction of training on special operations, introduction of the law of armed conflict package, introduction of disaster management package and introduction of combat swimming.

Key Challenges: 
(a) continued threats from Boko Haram insurgency; 
(b) ethnic clashes in the Middle Belt; 
(c) clashes between herdsmen and settlers/farmers; 
(d) rehabilitation of huge number of displaced persons socially and economically; and 
(e) rising cost of security operations in hiring of personnel and purchase of sophisticated equipment. Also, the CCTV system installed in Abuja and Lagos are not yet fully mobilised for maximum effectiveness. 

Reference:  Public Service Reforms in Nigeria (1999-2014) - A Comprehensive Review

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