Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Revitalisation of the Nigerian Police Force and its REFORMS.

Problem: The Nigerian Police Force suffered decades of neglect, which led to poor funding, weak operational efficiency, high levels of corruption and low morale among police officers.

Reform Actions:
Effective Implementation of Policies
- Improved Funding
- Improved office and residential accommodation
- Improved operations
- Enforcement of rules
- Improved recruitment, promotion and discipline
- Improved training

Main Achievements: The reforms have seen a revitalisation of the Nigerian Police Force. Funding has improved, compared to what it was in the past and some barracks have been renovated. The police is also now better equipped than it was in the past. Also, there have been significant improvements in the recruitment, promotion and discipline arrangements in the Force.

Key Challenges: Funding; Administrative Coherence; Operational Efficiency; and Corruption. 

Reference:  Public Service Reforms in Nigeria (1999-2014) - A Comprehensive Review

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