Friday, 4 September 2015

Government Reforms that influenced the Phenomenal Growth in Popularity of Nollywood and Nigerian Music.

Problem: Nigeria had a thriving creative industry that failed to fulfil its full potential largely due to a lack of government support.

Reform Actions:
Policy Reforms, including protection of intellectual property rights, tax holidays and import duty waivers.
- Infrastructure Support, including building and equipping three new cultural industry centres each in Taraba, Ogun and the Federal Capital Territory.
- Special grant of N3 billion under the Advancing Technology Project in Nollywood (Project ACT)

Main Achievements: There has been a phenomenal growth in popularity of Nollywood and Nigerian music. The reforms have increased the quality and quantity of services delivered by the creative industry. Access has also increased to the services provided, especially as more Nigerian artists now feature on satellite televisions. The creative industry has been a good ambassador of Nigeria overseas and equally constituted a major source for rebasing the Nigerian economy, in which it made impressive contribution to the GDP.

Key Challenges: 
(a) continued infraction of intellectual property rights; 
(b) under- developed promotion, marketing, and talent dictation; and 
(c) unhealthy bickering and rivalry among industry professionals. 

Reference:  Public Service Reforms in Nigeria (1999-2014) - A Comprehensive Review

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