Monday, 20 April 2015

QUOTES from Dr Joe Abah, DG, BPSR on AIT 'The Money Programme'....

Director General of the Bureau of Public Service Reforms, BPSR, Dr Joe Abah 

The Director General of Bureau of Public Service Reforms, BPSR, Dr Joe Abah appeared on 'The Money Programme' on AIT station this morning. 

Watch out for the recording of the programme soon to be posted on this site. Below are some quotes from the programme.

'Bureaucracy is a necessity, it prevents civil servants acting with impunity. It is unnecessary bureaucracy that is the problem'

'Federal Executive Council, is utilising IT more and more. For example it  has now gone from paper based memos, to electronic memos'

'The BPSR is constantly focused on making progress in every sector in Nigeria. The BPSR's alias should be the 'Bureau of Constant Improvement"

The DG on AIT further said 'Corruption is in every sector not just the civil service. The difference between public sector and other sectors is that civil servants can’t respond to that criticism'

The DG said 'in terms of corruption, index surveys show there is a vast difference between perception and reality' 

Finally, in emphasising a point, DG said 'You must have been living in outer space not to have noticed the improved roads, the trains are now running after 40 years of inactivity, HIV patients have access to retrovirals, farmers have subsidies without the middlemen, the mortality rate has gone down among many other improvements.'

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