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INTRODUCING REFORMER MONTHLY - A monthly E-Newsletter of the Bureau of Public service Reforms (BPSR)

Welcome to the Reformer Monthly November Issue

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Publisher's note 

Dr Joe Abah - Director General

Bureau of Public Service Reforms

A reason to communicate with you.

Every reform is a process that seeks to amend what is unsatisfactory or wrong. Organisations adopt reforms to sanitise or overhaul their systems for better service delivery and performance. For the Nation’s Civil Service, the call for its reformation had remained strident overtime. This was due to obvious challenges that confronted the service, some of which include insufficient Research and Information Technology (it) capacity, inadequate Communication skills, corruption, lack of innovation and redtapism.
In response several actions have been taken to redress the wrongs and transform the Service into a world class public service. The idea is to sharpen its capacity of delivering government policies and implementing programmes with professionalism, integrity and passion for sustainable development of the country. The adoption of the National Strategy for Public Service Reform (NSPSR) was a response strategy to coordinate all strands of reforms taking place within the Ministries, Departments and Agencies of government in line with its vision and mission.
The Bureau for Public Service Reforms BPSR was created 10 years ago to oversee the reformation of the Nigerian Civil Service. From the period of its take off, BPSR has particularly under my leadership made giant strides in its core obligations. The excellent performance of BPSR prompted the Independent Service Delivery Monitoring Group (Centre for Transparency Advocacy) to give the Bureau an award as the “most outstanding Public Institution in Nigeria”
In continuation of implementing its mandate to communicate, the BPSR saw the need to create this platform to deepen its communication with all stakeholders especially the Nigerian public. This edition which is the maiden tries to navigate through some of the activities of the office of the Head of Service and the Bureau respectively. As the Civil Service reforms progresses we shall strive to inform, educate and communicate with you on all developments. Please stay in touch.

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