Friday, 18 July 2014

Nigeria records 35% reduction in new HIV infections.

United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS Country Director in Nigeria, Dr. Bilali Camara, has said that a new global report by UNAIDS showed that new HIV infections in Nigeria had declined by 35 per cent in the past three years.

The gap report released in Geneva, Switzerland, on  July 16, 2014, also indicated that Nigeria was part of the countries in the world that realised a rapid increase in the number of people living with HIV accessing anti-retroviral therapy. 

Camara said in a statement issued yesterday that the decline in new infections was a clear sign that the federal government was steering the HIV response in the right direction.

He added that  much progress could be realised if more resources were committed to the cause.
He said:  “In the report, new infections showed signs of decline, while about 640,000 people in Nigeria were on anti-retroviral therapy in 2013. Source-Vanguard.

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