Monday, 31 March 2014


Specific Reforms
When the Jonathan administration came into office, it discovered that many agitations and cries of marginalisation arose as a result of disregard to the federal character principle in most federal appointments and project allocations, which, among other concerns, has contributed to budgeting turbulence in the National Assembly. To address these imbalances, the latest appointments to major federal positions have been carefully carried out to correct outstanding imbalances.

This has not been easy and has led to delays in filling certain vacant positions. Also in the allocation of federal projects, this administration met gross imbalance. However, the determination to give each geo-political zone a sense of belonging has been the driving force behind the efforts of this administration. In striving to achieve parity, consideration is paid to peculiar needs of each zone.

Specific Outcomes and Results
The efforts have yielded the following results:
                  -  Confidence is building in each geo-political zone that it does not matter where the president comes from; instead, adherence to the rule of law and the principle of federal character guarantees a sense of belonging.
                 -  Zones that had felt marginalised in the past now have a greater sense of belonging.

                 -  There is more awareness that governments can be held accountable if they subvert 
the federal character principle.

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