Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Do You Know of the Non Interference Policy Initiated To Strengthened Each Arm Of Government?

Mr President’s policy of strengthening each arm of government with non-interference has yielded the following democracy dividends within the three arms of government:
At the Executive Arm:
- Enhanced commitment to due process and rule of law.

- Total respect for court process/judgments
- A growing cordiality among the three arms of government.
- Pre-eminence of public interest
- Dialogue and conciliation as the best way towards national consensus
- The culture of consultation as the norm.
- Industrial stability as a result of a more hands-on approach to labour issues, etc.

At the Legislative Arm:

- A more assertive legislative practice.
- Stability in the leadership of the legislature.
- Stable funding of legislative activities.
- Enhanced oversight activities.
- Enhanced public hearings on all matters of public interests.
- More public confidence in the ability of the legislature to intervene in matters arising from the exercise of executive actions.
- More diligent legislative works and process

At the Judicial Arm:
- Greater prominence of judicial activities.
- More assertive judiciary.
- More citizen confidence in the judiciary.
- Greater acceptance of judicial pronouncements as fair Justice.

- A more active Nigerian Judicial Council indicating more ability of the judiciary to discipline itself, etc.

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